Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Slutty mixed Asian college girl, Nikita Esco

Nikita Esco

Ethnicity: 1/2 Chinese and 1/2 French
Height: 5 ft. 3 in.
Weight: 103 lbs.
Stats: 34C-24-34

Slutty college girl, Nikita Esco, is an unbelievably sexy mixed Asian model in her tight panties! This hot glamour model is a go-go dancer who wraps her body twisting and turning on a pole. You'll be pulling out your money to see this beauty in no time!

Read more on Nikita Esco at Her bio: Although I love dancing for huge companies at massive venues, my favorite part about being a go go dancer is when I'm hired by promoters for various nightclubs, because that is when I get to mix in with new crowds in new cities and meet new, amazing people. I always tell people I dance to express, not impress. Dancing is...(Read More!)

Read more on Nikita Esco interview at Pure Hot Models: My favorite modeling story is when 8 of us went to Singapore for Super Import Nights and we all missed our flight back to the US and got stuck there for 3 extra days. lol...(Read More!)

Read more on Nikita Esco interview at IGN: Well I have tons of hobbies, but to sum it all up, I'm a casino junkie, pool shark, and a Beer Pong Champion of the World! (Read More!)

Read More on Nikita Esco interview at ModFX Models: I was a bad girl in high school. I got kicked out of three schools. Don't get me wrong, I had good grades, but I just couldn't make it to school on time.(Read More!)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Slutty college Filipina girl, Luana Lani

Luana Lani

Ethnicity: Filipina
Height: 5 ft. 1 in.
Weight: 96 lbs.
Stats: 34B-24-33

Slutty college girl, Luana Lani, is one sexy Asian girl! This tiny Filipina girl has been modeling for a couple of years now and is one of the hottest Filipina models on the scene today! See more of this dazzling Asian diva uncut at her site,!

Interview from Glamourcon: I'm was born in the Philippines but grew up in Hawaii. I moved to LA right before I turned 19...(Read More).

Interview from Top Asian Models: With her creamy dark skin and exotic features, the sexy Luana Lani has been featured in many magazines such as, Playboy, Stuff...(Read More).

More on Luana Lani at Asian Sirens: Luana has worked hard to become one of the most popular Filipina-American models out there. Congrats to Luana on her...(Read More!)

More on Luana Lani at Mystique Magazine: Luana is a petite little package that packs a giant punch. It only takes a few minutes of talking to her to see she is sharp as a tack and destined to succeed. With such an upbeat attitude and sparkling personality, you never...(Read More!)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Slutty Filipina college girl, Mia Valerio

Mia Valerio

Ethnicity: Filipino and Chinese
Height: 5 ft. 1 in.
Weight: 110 lbs.
Stats: 34D-25-34

Sluttle college girl, Mia Valerio, has a dangerous innocence. She is like a chameleon, shifting her outward appearance from sweet to viciously seductive. This girl in a thong comes to us from Las Vegas, Neveda, and she is a lot to handle but in the good way. Her curves are mesmerizing and perfect, a true treat for all of the senses, especially the EYES!!!. Basically, Mia's body is jaw dropping and ridiculous. This naked Asian girl has a very large collage of tattoos on her back that vividly tell the story of her life. Too many stories and tattoos to go into detail here. Mia is like the girl next door, but just a little bit more dangerous and a lot hotter, and she has more of a filthy sexiness…actually, she's nothing like the girl next door. She's just Mia Valerio, one of many of the hot Asian girls with sexy photo galleries from Nitin Productions.

Read more of Mia Valerio at Imort Icons: Animal: Pit Bulls and Snakes! Addictions: Tattoos, Shopping, Desserts, and Sex. Celebrities I'd Do "It" With: Masuimi Max and.... (Read More!)

Read more of Mia Valerio at her twitter: Gotta stay true to who u are, n where u came from, cuz at the top it'll be... (Read More!)

Read more of Mia Valerio at Asia Diva: Quote of the Moment? "Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off."" How many tattoos do you have? 7 and counting, I fukin heart tattoos. How many piercing's do you have? ... (Read More!)

Read more of Mia Valerio at her myspace: ok so ive always wanted to get pierced down there, and last night my roomate and i went shopping down hollywood blvd. theres a grip of tattoo and piercing shops so i said fuck it im getting pierced tonight! haha. we walked into LA Tattoo and one of the tattoo artists that was... (Read More!)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Slutty mixed Asian college girl, Alexia Lei

Alexia Lei

Ethnicity: Portuguese, Hawaiian, Chinese, Chamoru, Mexican, and Colombian
Height: 5 ft. 2 in.
Weight: 110 lbs.
Stats: 36C-24-36

Seductive, beautiful, warm, inviting, and just plain HOT slutty college girl - Alexia Lei has all the bases covered! Simply breathtaking! Few can match the incredible physique, uniquely gorgeous features, and sparkling smile that Alexia Lei brings to the table. This naked Asian girl richly mixed ethnicity gives her a look of resonating opulence one moment and coy island-girl innocence the next meaning you can never be too sure which Alexia Lei will emerge from photo to photo. This girl in a thong is a MMA fight girl who is the KNOXX Fight Gear Spokesmodel.

Read more of Alexia Lei at her Low Rider Magazine: LRG: What can a man do to turn you on?Alexia: I love it when a man plays with my hair. Kissing is my favorite thing to do, so soft, sensual kisses always does the trick.... (Read More!)

Read more of Alexia Lei at Import Tuner: 2NR: You seem to have a lot of fans. What is the coolest thing a fan has ever done for you? AL: I had one person draw my name in the sand at a beach, and took a picture of it at the top off a cliff. I couldn't believe it! I had another person ... (Read More!)

Read more of Alexia Lei at D Wizzle's World: Some things that people might not know about me is that I drive stick! I love the experience of driving a stick shift car. I prefer it over automatic any day! Something about being able to feel the engine as you shift through gears is great. I also love to... (Read More!)

Read more of Alexia Lei at Tuner Zine: TZ: Speaking of where things are going, where do you see yourself 5 years from now? A: 5 years from now, I want to have been on the cover of Maxim or Stuff, FHM... one of those magazines. I am starting to look into... (Read More!)

Read more of Alexia Lei at Model Vanity: First off, a guy needs to have a really great sense of humor. I like to joke around A LOT so if he's stuffy or gets offended easy, it just won't work. Personality plays a key role in how attracted I am to a guy. He could be the hottest guy ever, but with... (Read More!)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sexy Latina adult film star, Adriana Sage

Adriana Sage

Website: Misha Online
Ethnicity: Latina
Height: 5 ft. 6 in.
Weight: 102 lbs.
Stats: 34B-25-35

Slutty college girl, Adriana Sage, shows off amazing adult star body. This amazingly explicit glamour model will blow your mind away.

Read more about Adriana Sage at Blog Free Ones: My first porn shoot was in 1998. I began shooting solo nude pics for magazines. I danced at a strip club with an adult bookstore. I would go into the bookstore... (read more)!

Read more about Adriana Sage at ModFX models: Meet Adriana Sage, an exotic Mexican beauty from San Diego, California. She began her modeling career as an exotic dancer in Riverside, California where someone scouted her and got her into doing some adult work. She's since enjoyed a long career in modeling, and in fact, describes herself as an exhibitionist. Learn all about Adriana in her modFX interview below...(read more)!